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Welcome to my blog

I am a software consultant with over two decades of experience bringing solutions to market. I specialize in mobile, SaaS, Multi-Tier application architecture and development. Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about software development, managing projects and getting them to market. This blog is an attempt to share some of that experience and help others avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. While I still write lots of code (over 250,000 lines of it in the last two years), the real value I bring to projects is the full systemic view of complex systems and rationalizing all of it to provide solutions that make system faster, more reliable, more scaleable and most importantly, work better for their intended users.

I’ve not written an article for this blog  in over two years, but readership continues to climb every month. It now receives over 3,000 visits each month with a surprisingly large number of inbound links from universities. I have not been blogging for the last while because I have been very busy on two projects that have consumed all of my time. I will begin blogging again very soon.

The reason for not blogging is that I am also the founder of yapAgame (social media for sports fans) https://yapagame.com and ProjectYap https://projectyap.com which marries the social engine I created for yapAgame with Agile Project Management methods to create the first social and truly collaborative project management system. yapAgame is available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and of course through your favourite web browser on any device including mobile. ProjectYap is currently available on Windows 8 and will very soon be available via your web browser.

Along the way, I’ve also done a few other things like authoring and presenting numerous presentations on Object Oriented Design, application frameworks, database optimization and other topics at international conferences in the US, UK, France and Canada.

As soon as we deliver ProjectYap (web), I will get back to writing more articles. Look for the next one soon…


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am wondering if I may use an image you have of the sizing and complexity matrix.
    I am creating an electronic course for use by our employees only. We are a non profit, and I have no funding, so I am looking for free images to use in my courses. I make no money for my content, and we do not charge money for the courses. The course is a resource for employees to use after taking a classroom workshop I facilitate.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thank you for requesting the use of images for your courseware.

      Please feel free to use the images for your training material. My mission is to help others by sharing what I have learned and nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that what I have shared has indeed helped someone. All I ask in return is simple attribution so that others might find some of the materials on my site and learn a bit more.

      Thank you for asking for permission; so few do.

      Best of luck with your courseware.


  2. Hi Sascha and Christian,

    Thank you for your interest. I am happy for you to translate my content into German and publish it on your blog, with appropriate attribution of course. I will contact you directly to discuss details.


  3. Hello Mr. Lant,
    We are Sascha and Christian. We are a fresh german start-up focussing on consulting and coaching people and companies in agile environments.
    When we started defining our path with agile management we soon came across your blog and were big fans ever since. We are fairly new scrum masters and your blog helps us developing our skills and mindsets.
    The article that helped us more then anything was “Estimate Story Size By Playing Agile Planning Poker”. This was very informative and inspiring. Now we would like to share this knowledge with our German customers and interested people in general.
    So we are kindly asking you to allow us to translate your article and publish it on our blog. Of course we will give source credit and will link your article and your website.
    We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea.
    Kind regards
    Sascha and Christian

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