Apple Adobe Fight – Follow The Money

The Issue I have been following with great interest the recent and very public battle between Apple and its long-time ally Adobe. Concern over Appleā€™s behaviour has now escalated to the point where Reuters has reported that regulators are mulling an investigation to determine if Apple is in violation of antitrust laws by requiring that […]

Hello World

Why is the title of my first post “Hello World”? If you’ve ever done any sort of software development, you likely already know the answer to that question. For those have have not, the explanation is pretty simple. When initiating a software project, a developer will often create an artifact that displays text in the UI of the application – be it a web page, a desktop application, or even a mobile app. The text most often chosen is “Hello World” as it symbolizes that the software creation has inhaled its first virtual breath in its world of zeros and ones. I have to confess that I have at times felt a touch of Frankensteinian glee as I witnessed my creation come to life. This first post is the same. It is the first breath of life of my first blog.